Our Services

What We Do

Patients will be re-assured with the care of our experienced medical staff and doctors before and after delivery.

The expectant period of every mother is crucial to the development of health for both adult and baby, and we recognise that.

Our consultants are well-versed in the areas of social, emotional, physical as well as cognitive development of children, providing the right guidance for parents on the way forward.

Our experienced gynaecologists spare no effort in assessing the health and well-being of each new born life, and providing precious guidance to mothers on the way forward.

A time-consuming process that is made effortless and re-assuring in every way for the mental preparedness of patients.

Especially for new mothers, professional post-delivery care is delivered to provide the necessary knowledge to help you cope.

Phototherapy is very safe and effective for babies with high bilirubin levels and we will walk anxious parents through the process in an easeful manner.

From equipment to professional know-how, every step of the process is executed with care, privacy and strict confidentiality.

We provide many types of vaccination that are simple, safe and effective for protecting our patients, both young and old against harmful diseases.

Ancillary services available:
  • 24 hours Accident & Emergency

    Round-the-clock outpatient services

  • Ambulance services

    24 hours hotline +6012-782 3876

  • Day care surgery

    Minimal separation from parents

  • Nursery

    From newborn to neonatal intensive care

  • Laboratory services

    Specimen collection and lab tests

  • Operating theatre

    Carried out in an aseptic environment

  • Labour room

    Labor, delivery and recovery

  • General X-ray

    Medical imaging procedures

  • Ultrasound imaging

    Real-time sonography